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Global X Funds, the New York-based provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), recently launched the Global X Adaptive U.S. Factor ETF (NYSE: AUSF). The fund will track the Adaptive Wealth Strategies U.S. Factor Index, which seeks to navigate various market conditions by dynamically allocating to sub-indexes representing three academically-backed factors: value, momentum, and minimum volatility. Each sub-index consists of 100 U.S. mid and large cap stocks that represent a particular factor.

The index adjusts its factor exposures on a quarterly basis based on a mean-reversion methodology that seeks to access underperforming factors. At any given time, the index accesses two factors, equally weighted, or all three factors with a weighting of 40% / 40% / 20%, underweight or eliminating the most recent outperforming factor to protect against potential downside and manage risk more effectively. In rotating its weightings to underperforming factors, the index is designed to potentially mitigate downside risks while generating outperformance versus cap-weighted benchmarks over the long run.




“We recognized that we could improve our adaptive factor strategy by combining value, momentum, and minimum volatility in one ETF,” said Kristopher Carroll, CFA®, CFP® Chief Investment Officer at Carroll Financial Associates. “We have utilized a strategy of combining these three separate factors in our private portfolios for many years, and have now decided to turn what were once three separate positions into one by utilizing the ETF structure. We are excited to work with Global X to bring our strategy wrapped in an efficient structure to the broader market.”

“It has been great to see over a year’s worth of work building this index finally come to completion.  This process illustrates that we continue to be dedicated to the interests of our clients,” said Patrick Bobbins, CIMA® Trading & Portfolio Manager at Carroll Financial Associates.  “By having this factor-based index we took a current strategy and redesigned it to be potentially more tax efficient for our clients.  The adaptive factor index exhibits creativity in how we serve our clients and I’m excited to see this implemented.”

This fund is the eighth fund in Global X’s Core suite of ETFs.



Carroll Financial’s philosophy is, and always has been: “The best interest of the client is the only interest that matters.” Established in 1980, Carroll Financial is one of the Charlotte region’s oldest and largest independent comprehensive financial planning and wealth management firms. The firm now manages over $2.7 billion in client assets and their 23 financial advisors, which includes 21 Certified Financial Planners™, offer many years of experience and customized financial planning to clients. Carroll Financial’s unique investment approach is focused on five core sectors: simplicity, risk, income, diversification, and price. Their clients have the potential to benefit from this adaptive investment strategy which is backed by a solid academic foundation.



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